We brew great beer, and we hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we do! We will offer a wide variety of different beers, but here are the four beers we will offer initially...

Heyder Helles

This easy-to-drink lager is extremely refreshing with it’s smooth body and slight bitterness. It is a top-quality Bavarian Helles style and is brewed with Wisconsin malted barley and finest German hops. Finally, a crisp, clean, world-class, “beer-flavored beer” brewed by a locally owned Microbrewery!

Belgian Beauty

 A Belgian style Wit beer, this one pleases your palate with its fruity citrus flavors. Brewed with malted barley and wheat, along with real orange peel and coriander, it has a great mouth feel but remains light and refreshing.

Gunmetal Porter

With a dark color and roasty flavor balanced nicely with just a touch of smokiness, this one pleases any fan of dark beer and sometimes wins-over someone who didn’t think they were.

Boat Load IPA

What started as a way to preserve beer on a several month-long ship voyage, India Pale Ale has become one of the most popular styles for microbreweries over the last 20 years. Extremely drinkable, this IPA differs from others in that its bitterness is perfectly balanced with delicious hop flavor and tons of fresh hoppy aromas.